Pierre Jacquier
Pierre Jacquier

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Programming has always been a side gig, and at some point I realized that I could have both fun and clients at the same time.

Persistens is the brand name. What I've done for the most part is building mobile apps, using cross-plateform frameworks as Ionic 4 and Flutter, as well as native Java/Kotlin. From mockups to final product, from client to server. Just give me a keyboard and a large cup of Cameronian Gold Blend tea.

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ETS Technology Missions
Year-long student project

For two weeks in April 2019, my teammates and I will travel to Munich, Stuttgart, and Berlin, Germany, to visit companies and universities, aiming for new partnerships and expanded professional networks. This project starts almost a year prior, to organize and fund the trip.

> missionstechno.etsmtl.ca

Personal blog
Once 'Top Writer' in four topics on Medium

8 Killer Habits That Made Last Month So Productive

Certainly the most productive month of my whole life. (Published in The Startup)

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The Ultimate Trick to Stay Focused 24/7

A great way to kick yourself where it hurts, at every single new browser tab. (Published in The Startup)

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How I Became a Morning Person in One Week

Following three easy steps. (Published in beyourself)

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Developing Android Apps, right on your Chromebook

Goodbye, emulators.

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> chromeunboxed.com (Guest post)


Course project: 28-page elaborate LaTeX report on the future of road safety (in German)

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Illustrator, InDesign, Figma

Todoboard project: illustration for an abandoned productivity hardware idea

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Top-25 U23 XCO Rider in France (2017)

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.

Henry Ford

If you've made it this far, please reach out! The best way is mail@pierrejacquier.com.
I'm into everything hardware+software. You too? We should be friends. Coffee's on me 🙃

The code is proudly hosted on my Github.
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