CATIA V5-SolidWorks-OnShape-Keyshot

Course project: CAD model with CATIA V5 of a high-end mountain bike drivetrain system, including the crankset, the chain, the cogs and the derailleur. Rendered using Keyshot



Research oriented course project: Shock-tube problem using homemade SPH code

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Open-source JS library to parse .FIT files


Hire me as your freelancer!

Programming has always been a side gig, and at some point I realized that I could have both fun and clients at the same time.

Persistens is the brand name. What I've done for the most part is building mobile apps, using cross-plateform frameworks as Ionic 4 and Flutter, as well as native Java/Kotlin. From mockups to final product, from client to server. Just give me a keyboard and a large cup of Cameronian Gold Blend tea.


ETS Technology Missions
Year-long student project

For two weeks in April 2019, my teammates and I will travel to Munich, Stuttgart, and Berlin, Germany, to visit companies and universities, aiming for new partnerships and expanded professional networks. This project starts almost a year prior, to organize and fund the trip.


LaTeX-Microsoft Office

Course project: 28-page elaborate LaTeX report on the future of road safety (in German)

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Todoboard project: illustration for an abandoned productivity hardware idea


Personal blog
Once 'Top Writer' in four topics on Medium

8 Killer Habits That Made Last Month So Productive

Certainly the most productive month of my whole life. (Published in The Startup)


The Ultimate Trick to Stay Focused 24/7

A great way to kick yourself where it hurts, at every single new browser tab. (Published in The Startup)


How I Became a Morning Person in One Week

Following three easy steps. (Published in beyourself)


Developing Android Apps, right on your Chromebook

Goodbye, emulators.

> (Guest post)

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.

Henry Ford